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Schramm, Carl Christian
Historischer Schauplatz, in welchem die merkwürdigsten Brücken aus allen vier Theilen der Welt, insonderheit aber die in den vollkommensten Stand versetzte Dressdner Elb-brücke,... vorgestellet und beschrieben werden.
Leipzig: B.C. Breitkopf, 1735.
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In 1731, a bridge heralded as the largest structure of its time was completed over the Elbe at Dresden. To celebrate the event, Schramm wrote this book about it and other great bridges of the world. One arch of the completed Dresden Bridge is shown framing this allegorical engraving on bridge building. Surrounding the shield in the center of the arch are all of the hand tools used in bridge building, including mason's trowels, compasses, drills, and various saws, axes, and hammers. A bridge under construction is seen through the arch, with a floating pile driver in use to drive piles into the firm riverbed. Workmen at various tasks along the riverbank are shaping timbers, cutting stone, and draining water with a water screw.

On the right Minerva, patroness of arts and crafts and a goddess of wisdom and skill, holds a leveling instrument aloft and a drawing board and compass in her lap. Building a bridge successfully, her presence suggests, requires both skill and intelligence, and perhaps even divine assistance.


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