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The Caledonian Canal

Commissioners' Report
A French View of the Caledonian Canal

Centuries of Civil Engineering

Flachat, Stephane
Histoire des Travaux et de l'Aménagement des Eaux du Canal Calédonien.
Paris: Firmin Didot, 1828.
Water Supply
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Flachat was involved with a ship canal in France between Rouen and Paris, and he wrote this report on the Caledonian Canal in part to prove the advantages of such a canal. He visited the Caledonian Canal to gather information firsthand, and made surveys on the spot with assistance from the resident engineers. Many of the cross sections of embankments and sluices appear in no other published accounts of the canal. In addition, Flachat included this evocative lithographic view of a canal scene. What could be more perfect, it seems to suggest, than a canal for ships built in harmony with the surrounding countryside?



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